Everyday is a holiday with mary

mary poppins character party los angeles

Our Poppins inspired character, Jolly Holiday Mary, is a (practically) perfect addition to your carnival or carousel themed party, and of course she is a most enchanting guest at any proper English tea party.

If you're planning a children's birthday party in Los Angeles, Mary seems to work well for a wide age-range, about 3-8 years old on-average. This character leads a variety of kid-friendly fun such as dancing, group game play, singing along to her whimsical tunes, with magic and surprises, too.

Mary may also be a cheeky addition to your tea party, bridal or baby shower, especially if you have fun-loving guests who enjoy Instagram-worthy character immersive experiences.

mary poppins character party los angeles

Our Poppins' lookalikes are also beautiful soundalikes. Take a peek at our sample video below...