Fantastical themes seem to be our specialty, or at least that's what clients' like from us and we're happy to oblige. This time, we got to play real-life magic genies, granting our little friend Lila's wish of a sparkling Shimmer and Shine fifth birthday party. 

We transformed the back patio of the Manhattan Country Club into a make-believe Moroccan-inspired marketplace with hanging lanterns and fresh flower arrangements in the bold jewel colors seen in the Shimmer and Shine cartoon: magenta, turquoise, gold, and purple. 

Iced sugar cookies shaped and hand painted like gems (and all of the other desserts, because this bakery rocks!) by The French Confection Co. brought the adjectives "shimmer" and "shine" to life, along with fake gems sprinkled atop the sweets table, Moroccan inspired coin scarves, sparkling face painting, glitter tattoos, tiny glass perfume bottles, and plenty of gold sequins.

And at the end of the party, Lila's friends took home genie lamps which they filled with their choice of trinkets at the "favor shop".