Welcome, foolish mortals, to the most stylish Haunted Mansion themed party you will probably ever see... in this lifetime. Muahahaha! Seriously, though, this was a halloween event to die for and definitely our biggest, most detailed theme party to date.

One of our favorite clients, the lovely Murrays, told us they adore the Haunted Mansion and had always wanted to throw a Halloween party completely embracing the look and vibe of the famous Disneyland attraction. And having also just moved into a new home, what better way to throw a house warming than with this ghostly theme?

As guests entered the front yard they were greeted by foggy graveyard, with replica headstones by Dapper Cadaver, a cavernous "stone" bounce house, and of course the undead themselves. We created a custom funeral-style wreath and hung it from the front balcony, modeled after the wreaths outside of the Haunted Mansion.

As guests entered through sheer black drapery, the Black Widow Bride herself (a full-size replica prop created by our fabulous team-mate Steffinnie) gazed down upon them from above the courtyard, glowing, her red heart beating from within.

Inside the mansion, there was much to behold, such as custom signage inspired by the Disneyland park poster showed guests what was in store for them: The Haunted Mansion movie in the screening room, spooky piano melodies by Vince Torbey (dressed as The Hatbox Ghost), Madame Leota's crystal readings in the parlor room, dinner in the main hall, and drinks, dessert and face painting in the backyard.