I guess Jim Jefferies liked us (he really, really liked us!), because not a month after his American citizenship party, Jim called in our team to help him with another event, this time for son Hank’s 6th birthday.

“Hank wants Antman and the Wasp. Is that too hard?” he asked. Nope! We’re always up to the challenge of designing a festive, classy themed party, even one as semi obscure as Antman and The Wasp. Because the movie had just come out, we chose to broaden the theme slightly (with Hank’s approval) to include some Avengers elements.

We started with the color scheme: red and black of course for Antman, yellow and black for The Wasp, and a dash of blue and green to tie-in the other Avenger friends.

Welcoming guests out front was a whimsical superhero themed balloon bouquet by our favorites Balloonzilla, and a cart lined with superhero masks. A chalk board sign encouraged kids to “choose their secret identity” (and oh my, was it adorable to see these kiddos walking in wearing their chosen hero masks).

We found some awesome classic Avengers comic book fabric which we turned into table runners on the kids tables. Jars of photo prop cut outs that read “Pow!” and “Zap!” dotted the tables, along with crayons and custom coloring sheets.

Hank being a bouncy house kinda kid, we booked him the biggest Avenger’s themed bouncy we could find (complete with basketball hoop and a slide) courtesy of Party on Rentals.

And let’s not forget about the catering spread, handled expertly by Natasha and co. at Tastebuds Catering. We had a lot of fun naming the menu items on-theme: Hank and friends enjoyed “Sub-Atomic Sliders”, “Quantum Realm Quesadillas” and “Yellow Jacket Juice” just to name a few.

And finally, the piece de resistance, always: the dessert table! We found a super fun hero themed backdrop in the color scheme, and framed it with life-size cutouts of Antman and The Wasp. On the table, one of our favorite bakers Nika of Sugar Studio, created “particle piece” sugar cookies, Rice Krispie treats, and wasp-inspired donuts with little frosting ants crawling all over them.

All in all, it was another smooth, successful event! If you are looking for an event designer/party planner for your upcoming celebration, get in touch! You’ll be in good company and glad you did.