I got a text message one Sunday and it was from comedian Jim Jefferies (you may know him from his multiple stand-up specials, The Jim Jefferies show on Comedy Central, or from Legit on FX).

After I was done screaming internally (because Jim is, legit, no pun intended, one of MY favorite contemporary comedians), we started chatting about his upcoming American citizenship. To celebrate the end of a very long process — did you know it can take nearly a decade to complete the US citizenship process?! — he wanted to throw a big, very classically American party.

So I busted out the red-white-and-blue markers and started designing the look — we’d use classic bunting out front to welcome guests, flag banners draped around the backyard, and a huge USA red-white-and-blue must-have balloon arch by Balloonzilla to create a festive July 4th style atmosphere.

And let’s not forget about food: what’s more all-American than beer + snacks?! There were hotdog + popcorn carts from Let’s Have a Cart Party, Bud Light in a cooler, plus a nosh spread and passed appetizers from the awesome Natalia + Co. at Tastebuds Catering. We also created a custom cocktail for the guest-of-honor at the bar, courtesy of Libby’s Beverage Catering, which we called the “Jim + Coke”. Ha!

Now the extra details, the finishing touches to set the tone: we stacked-up the red solo cups, dressed the yard with star-spangled bunting and flags, hooked-up the pool with beach balls and floats, blasted the Lynyrd Skynyrd, and sent a trio of All-American Girls from the cast here at Papillons, dressed in patriotic rompers to pass appetizers in-style.

By the end of the night, I was not only thrilled that Jim came around and hugged me, thanking me for a hit party, but that I’d also told a joke that made HIM laugh. Safe to say, I was screaming internally from excitement for quite some time after that. Like I said, I’m a true fan and very thankful to have had this opportunity.