This was the first time we've ever written the words "long live evil" on a chalkboard (shaped like a coffin no-less), but it was all in good fun to highlight our birthday girl's favorite movie "Disney's Descendants".

The dessert table was a showstopper, because I just can't help myself; I think the dessert table at a party should be exciting, especially when there is a theme you can explore and bring out in the desserts and table decor.

Looking at the space available on the Rodeo Terrace at The Beverly Wilshire Hotel, I knew I wanted to utilize the pretty green hedge walls as a backdrop for the dessert table, to bring out that, mysterious, yet organic side of a Disney villain (they always seem to have plants, vines, and/or forests involved, don't they?), and that somehow I wanted a frame or even better a magic mirror (there are an inordinate number of mirrors involved in fairytales, particularly the villains, have you noticed?) I guess there's something about the woods + reflections + ne'er-do-wells? I digress...

As it turns out, there is a video which teaches you how to make your own "evil queen's mirror-mirror-on-the-wall" prop, complete with the illusion that the sorcerer in the mirror is following your gaze! So I made it and I cannot believe it actually worked! I'm incredibly proud of how this DIY prop turned out, and I may never part with it. Unless someone really wants it and offers me lots of money. We'll see.

A whimsical balloon archway by Balloonzilla, designed in the party theme colors (deep wine and vibrant purple, black, pops of gold, dark green) then wrapped and entwined with real vines, completed the enchanting, curious look of the dessert table. And keep a lookout for those fine details (my favorite) like the Descendants logo and Maleficent cookies (made by The French Confection Co.), the purple-tinted "poison" candy apples (with real sticks for handles!), and of course that cheeky coffin chalkboard. The little girls at this party were treated, not only to a mini salon session, but also to dancing with DJ Kaleez and a surprise visit by one of the villains themselves when miss Mal crashed the party in her cotillion style ballgown.

Of course, I couldn't have created this evil-liscious event by myself; I'm thrilled as always with the talents and services provided by Minted & Vintage dessert stands collection, florals designed by our very own Steffinnie Postas, furniture rentals from L.A. Party Rents, my assistant event coordinator Janel, and the entire (awesome!) event staff at The Beverly Wilshire Hotel.

~ Jenna (Owner/Event Producer, Papillons Entertainment + Events)